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We are a growing pack that normally meets at BUMC on the first and third Tuesday of each month from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Please note the difference in time for this event. No affiliation with the church is required to join us. We are welcoming to all.


Get your packing supplies and let our shipping experts help you ship with FedEx. Our professionals can even help you pack specialty items, like luggage or golf clubs, and ship them with FedEx Express or FedEx Ground to meet you at your destination.

I have done a number of searches and did not find a reference to this issue. There is also a Reddit post on this issue where a couple other folks were having the same issue. _texture_pack_not_working_on_realms_xb1/e667vkw/?context=3

to communicate with the 389-ds-base packages. However, recent changes to389-ds-base disabled the default use of SSLv3 and enforced using protocolranges supported by secure protocols, such as the TLS protocol. As aconsequence, the CA failed to install during an Identity Management (IdM)server installation. This update adds TLS-related parameters to theserver.xml file of the CA to fix this problem, and running theipa-server-install command now installs the CA as expected. (BZ#1171848)

It should be a priority for customers who have older releases of the software to migrate to supported releases to prevent potential exposure to vulnerabilities. To determine the support lifecycle for your software release, see Select a Product for Lifecycle Information. For more information about service packs for these software releases, see Service Pack Lifecycle Support Policy.

The baseplate has front and rear rod locks to support 15mm LWS industry-standard rods. By having front and rear locks, two short sets of rods can be used to form longer support, making it easier to transport and pack down.

Abstract:The usefulness of food packaging is often questioned in the public debate about (ecological) sustainability. While worldwide packaging-related CO2 emissions are accountable for approximately 5% of emissions, specific packaging solutions can reach significantly higher values depending on use case and product group. Unlike other groups, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and life cycle assessment (LCA) of cereal and confectionary products have not been the focus of comprehensive reviews so far. Consequently, the present review first contextualizes packaging, sustainability and related LCA methods and then depicts how cereal and confectionary packaging has been presented in different LCA studies. The results reveal that only a few studies sufficiently include (primary, secondary and tertiary) packaging in LCAs and when they do, the focus is mainly on the direct (e.g., material used) rather than indirect environmental impacts (e.g., food losses and waste) of the like. In addition, it is shown that the packaging of cereals and confectionary contributes on average 9.18% to GHG emissions of the entire food packaging system. Finally, recommendations on how to improve packaging sustainability, how to better include packaging in LCAs and how to reflect this in management-related activities are displayed.Keywords: food; packaging; cereals; confectionary; snacks; life cycle assessment; LCA; environmental impact; CO2 footprint; food losses and food waste

In the continuing Hundred Years' War, the English won the city of Calais in a treaty signed in September. In a meeting with the Estates General in November, the French King Phillip was told that in the recent war efforts they had "lost all and gained nothing."[18] Phillip, however, was granted a portion of the money he requested and was able to continue his war effort.[19] The English King Edward offered Calais a package of economic boosts which would make Calais the key city connecting England with France economically.[20] Edward returned to England at that height of his popularity and power and for six months celebrated his successes with others in the English nobility. Although the Kingdom's funds were largely pushed towards the war, building projects among the more wealthy continued, with, for example, the completion of Pembroke College in this year.[19]

Apprentices in England working in the packaging printing, glass, coatings and paper sectors are being urged to enter an awards scheme run by Proskills, the sector skills council for the process and manufacturing industries.

On June 3, 1977, a majority of the panel approved the union's offer, and on July 3 they filed a statement explaining their choice of the "package." On July 11 the union commenced the Superior Court action to enforce the award. On an agreed record (whose content in material part we have recounted herein), the judge, without opinion, held for the union and directed compliance with the award, with interest from the date of the award. We granted direct appellate review on the application of both parties.

2. Modification of the award. As the part of the arbitration award corresponding to the insurance provision of the union's offer cannot stand, we have the question whether the rest of the award should be enforced. The town argues that, as part of the union's offer was invalid, the union's entire "package" is disqualified and the town's offer becomes the only one in the field and must be approved. On the other hand, the union has indicated that in case of partial invalidity it would rather start all over again before the arbitrators than secure enforcement

Concerts in the Centerpiece at Coxhall Gardens occur every September. Fans of jazz and blues pack the outdoor pavilion on warm Sunday nights to listen to regional and national acts. Bring a lawn chair and blankets to enjoy the night sky and some great music.

FeaturesPackage Browsing and InstallationRe-enable Packages (SXE only)SXE Package ProcessingUninstall PackagesWeb Browser IntegrationPackage Browsing and Installation (QTOPIA-1346)Package BrowsingThe user may connect to a remote HTTP server and be presented with a list of downloadable packages. The details of these packages may be perused so the user can make an informed decision on whether to download a package.

METHODS: A total of 341 lung cancer cases and 752 volunteer controls, ages 21 to 89 years, participated in a structured interview, standardized CT scan, and spirometry. Logistic regression, adjusted for age, race, gender, pack-years, and inspiratory and expiratory total lung volume, was used to estimate the odds of lung cancer associated with FEV1/FVC, percent voxels less than -950 Hounsfield units on the inspiratory scan (HUI) and percent voxels less than -856 HU on expiratory scan (HUE). 041b061a72


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