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Mason Howard
Mason Howard

100 Days Mr Arrogant 2004 Korean Fixed

Story: Female student Ha-young (Ha Ji-won) is looking for her "Prince Charming". On one of these days where everything goes wrong, she just got dumped by her boyfriend, she kicks a can, which accidentaly hits Hyung-joon (Kim Jae-won), who just drove by and now crashes into a wall. Pretty upset, he wants 3000 Dollar for the little scratch on his expensive car. Since Ha-young doesn't have the money she agrees to sign a contract in which she is stated to be Hyung-joon's slave for exactly 100 days. So she now has to clean his flat, carry his shopping bags or plenty of other errands she has to take care of. Later on, she finds out, that the damage on the car would have costed only a few Dollars! Now, she wants to take revenge on him, but since she signed a contract there is nearly no way for her to do so.When the day of her new freedom finally arrives, Ha-young becomes aware that she started to like her arrogant "master". And behind his cool and rejecting behavior she assumes that he has feelings for her, also. Yet, Hyung-joon just dumps her and goes his own way, which breaks Ha-young's heart...

100 Days Mr Arrogant 2004 Korean

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