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Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall

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GK: And that's where the Opry came from, from trying to sell life insurance to rural people who would have been suspicious of salesmen in suits but ones who wore coveralls and big boots (BANJO) and chuckled and guffawed (TR HEE HEE HEE) and carried a chicken (ROOSTER) ---- and this was upsetting to Nashville, in a way ---- it is, after all, the Athens of the South. They have the Parthenon here, you know. Vanderbilt University is here, a seat of learning that is second to none. These are not hicks or hayseeds. But here in the South, it is a virtue to be a good deal smarter than you appear to be. In the South, they love the stories where the redneck outsmarts the slicker. Love it to pieces. And if having a chicken on your shoulder helps you sell life insurance (CHICKEN), hey, gimme that chicken. 041b061a72


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