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Arena: A Versatile and User-Friendly GUI for UCI and Winboard Chess Engines

Filip Höfer chess software has a built-in chess engine (i.e., the artificial intelligence providing computer's and coach's moves). Chess 2020 and newer products also have the capability to switch from this built-in engine to an external one. For this purpose, the software implements the UCI standard. In practice, the user goes to the Level menu, selects Computer or Coach and then UCI engine. In the UCI engine dialog, it is necessary to point to an executable file (*.exe) of the desired external engine. Here are some engines that have been tested with Filip Höfer chess software and can be freely downloaded:

The time in milliseconds actually also determines the depth. But for a fixed time, the depth may vary given the speed of the machine and the complexity of the chess position. On a medium-performance laptop, it takes about 20 seconds to get to depth 22 from the initial position. The depth-time relationship is actually exponential, so even one second should be enough to get very good results, perhaps around depth 10 or so.

download uci chess


Arena is a free Graphical User Interface (GUI) for chess. Arena helps you in analyzing and playing games as well as in testing chess engines. It runs on Linux or Windows. Arena is compatible to UCI and Winboard protocols. Furthermore, Arena supports Chess960, DGT electronic chess boards & DGT clocks and much more.

This page hosts the download links for the Deep Junior UCI series. We hope to update it periodically as new updates become available. You will need a license key to unlock the full capabilities of the Deep Junior UCI chess engine. You can purchase a license on ourBuy Deep Junior page.

You can download specifications explaining how in Shredder the chess user-interface communicates with the chess engine. UCI stands for Universal Chess Interface. This download is already included in the Shredder chess download.Start Download

  • a stand alone chess computer based on DGT board - a website to probe Syzygy endgame tablebases -

  • a bot to play chess on Telegram -

  • connecting Stockfish to the Novag Citrine - -with-python-chess-module.html

  • a cross platform chess GUI -

  • a tool to build Anki decks from a PGN opening repertoire -

Licensepython-chess is licensed under the GPL3. See the LICENSE file for thefull copyright and license information.

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Slow Chess 2.96: (86 KB). Details in Readme296.txt2.96 is an open source 2.94 chess engine (with a few very small changes.) This source code is for the engine only, it does not include the GUI source. So you must run it using winboard or UCI. It compiles with Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0. This is a much stronger chess engine than 2.82a, and the code should be clearer too, and without assembly language.If you want my test compiled .exe, and an opening book, download (442 KB)Slow 2.96 and Blitz WV can use the bitbases downloadable above. No other versions use these bitbases, although all others have a different and incompatible KPK.sbb. Books are comptible between all versions.

Peace of Mind. When buying a chess set online, avoid all the hassle if unfortunate breaks or loss happens. Buying from Chess House gives you easy access to parts for many years so your set is always playable. In many cases parts are complimentary.

WORKS WITH WINDOWS 10!Rybka 4 UCI is the world champion of chess engines with a rating of 3250+ points ELO. The main developer of the program - international master Vasik Rajlich has inserted the algorithms of positional estimation into it which are as close to the chess-player's style of thinking as possible.Rybka is a UCI chess engine, not a standalone chess program, which means that you use it within almost any modern chess user interface such as Aquarium, Chess Assistant, Shredder, Fritz, Arena, Chessbase, ChessPartner, etc.

The House of Staunton now offers a convenient eSoftware option for many of our best-selling software titles.. Rather than having to wait days for the disk to be delivered to you, you can now download it via the Internet and enjoy it almost instantly on your computer.

Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive an email that contains instructions on how to download your eSoftware. The email will contain both a download link for the software as well as a unique serial number that is necessary to install the product. Please allow up to one business day for receipt of this email as they must be processed manually during business hours.

Unfortunately, a working email address is required to purchase eSoftware. If you do not have a working email address, we recommend that you create a temporary email address at one of the many free email providers (,, and use that when you place your order. If you enter a non-working email address when making your purchase, we won't be able to send you the installation instructions and you won't be able to download the software. We are not responsible for customer orders where a non-working email address was provided during purchase.

Our file transfer system allows you to download the eSoftware should you need to reinstall it. . Should you lose your eSoftware, you can click on the link in the email and download the eSoftware again.

YES! Should you accidentally delete your eSoftware, you will need the link in the email to download it again and the registration code to install it. If you lose the email with instructions, you will have to repurchase the eSoftware again. We recommend bookmarking the download link in your web browser for easier access.

In connection with another project, I am looking on the internet for some free versions of older chess engines, such as some of the old Chessmaster engines from the 1990s. I would even take an old Fritz engine if there were one.

Fritz 5.32 (I'm guessing the first 32 bit version) dates from about 20 years ago, I think. That is available for download via the wayback machine here. Note that you will probably need to install it in compatibility mode as Windows 98/ME on Windows 7. Not sure if you can do this on Win 10.

Ed Schröder has made a pretty sizable collection of old chess software (including the code from some old dedicated chess computers, turned into UCI engines) on his web site for free download. Look in the sections labelled "OLD", "REBEL13", and "DEDICATED -> DEDICATED AS UCI".

Om de best mogelijke gebruikerservaring van onze website te krijgen raden wij u aan om uw browser te upgraden naar een nieuwere versie of een andere browser. Klik op de upgrade button om naar de download pagina te gaan.

No other World Champion was more infamous both inside and outside the chess world than Bobby Fischer. On this DVD, a team of experts shows you the winning techniques and strategies employed by the 11th World Champion.

The most famous chess engine is Fritz, produced by ChessBase [the latest version is Fritz 17]. They also produce engines like Komodo 14, and Houdini 6. Historically they have also produced many more.

Just like if you show your game to two different strong human players, they may offer different ideas about the same position; different chess engines are the same, just MUCH stronger. Of course if you missed a forced mate or material-winning combination, then multiple chess engines may just tell you the same thing, but different engines are programmed by different people, and in non-forcing positions each engine could potentially show you different ways you might have played at those points.

If you are a registered user of any prior version of ExaChess, then ExaChess 4is a free upgrade (electronic delivery option only). Contact Exant Software (thepublisher of ExaChess) for download information.

ExaChess 4 supports UCI chess engines, and includes the strong Fruit engine. There aredozens of strong UCI engines available that run under Windows, but only a small fraction makeit to the Mac. For surveys of available engines see Chessville Chess Engine Update or Top UCI Chess Engines.For a current rating list of engines, see the IPON Rating List.

Create AvatarFirst you need to create your UCI Avatar. To do this, include all your games in a single .pgn file, then go to the Avatar Creator tool upload it wait and download your zip file with the weights and openings.

BearChess is an independent chess GUI for UCI engines with direct support for electronic chessboards (Certabo, TabuTronic Cerno/Sentio, Millennium ChessLink and eOne, DGT (e-Board and Pegasus), Chessnut Air/Pro, Square Off Pro, NOVAG Citrine/UCB, Saitek OSA).

Many GUIs support electronic chessboards, but do not use the full potential that chessboards with piece recognition offer. They could be much better used for training or analysis of games and positions.

Chest, (CHEST, CHEss problem analyST)a program for solving orthodox chess problems, such as checkmate, stalemate, helpmate, helpstalemate, selfmate and selfstalemate in N [2]. Chest was developed since 1987, written in ANSI C by Heiner Marxen, Holger Pause and Thomas Rakovsky, while Heiner Marxen already started with a mate-in-two solver written in Fortran II in 1973 [3]. Chest does not play chess, but proves shortest solutions or its absence. It was first released in December 1999 as open source [4].

I've always found it interesting watching two chess programs play each other, and theArena Chess GUIprovides a good way of doing this. However it only allows for round robin (all play all) and gauntlet (oneplays many) type competitions. In chess it is very common to haveSwiss style tournaments where each round has players paired against others with the same number of points. Arena doesn't providefor this, but I found a program called ArenaSwiss by Eberhard Jiritschka from 2009 that interfaced with Arena. I tookhis program and updated it to create this new version.It runs in a text based DOS style window, and at first I was thinking of changing it to a more modern graphics based screen. After using it for a while I have found the current screen works reasonably well so I might not bother.


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