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Mason Howard

Download VERIFIED The Journey Down: Chapter Three PC Gam...

While shorter than the last instalment, and the easiest of the three to boot, the final chapter of The Journey Down brings closure to series veterans and, more importantly, makes the entire trilogy required gaming for adventure fans in general.

Download The Journey Down: Chapter Three PC Gam...

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The episodic nature of the game still comes through in the combined trilogy. Unlike a Telltale title, the three chapters of The Journey Down were released literally years apart, so you can see a clear sense of growth and evolution. The first chapter is by far the roughest. It feels like a proof of concept, and some of the puzzles and mechanics don't quite come together as well as they should. It's probably the single biggest flaw with the collection and puts the worst foot forward. If you're not a big point-and-click adventure fan, it would be easy to see you giving up before you get to the meat of the game.

Journey was released on March 13, 2012, for download on the PlayStation Network.[21] A PlayStation Home Game Space, or themed area, based on Journey was released on March 14, 2012, and is similar in appearance to the game.[22] A retail "Collector's Edition" of the game was released on August 28, 2012. In addition to Journey, the disc-based title includes Flow and Flower; creator commentaries, art, galleries, and soundtracks for all three games; non-related minigames; and additional content for the PlayStation 3.[23] In September 2012, Sony and Thatgamecompany released a hardcover book entitled "The Art of Journey", by the game's art director Matt Nava, containing pieces of art from the game ranging from concept art to final game graphics.[24]

I've talked about how we saw War of the Spark as an "event set," meaning our goal was to focus the design less on the environment and more on the event unfolding. As such, I began vision design intent on finding a mechanical way to make an event set feel a little different. On top of that, I wanted to bring a sense of the stakes being raised as this was the final chapter of a three-year story arc. I bring all this up, because a big part of the story of War of the Spark vision design is the journey down a path that we ended up abandoning. In the past, I've been a bit shy to talk about mechanics that didn't work out because I always have faith that we'll find a way to redeem them and use them in the future. My worry in talking about them is that I'll lessen their excitement if we do find a way to do them. After much reflection, I've come to the belief that the audience knowing about the failure of the mechanic in the design only fuels their desire to one day see us do it. With that said, it's time to talk about skirmish. 041b061a72


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