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T34 Vs Tiger Download Full Version 19 UPD

First introduced in February 1944, production of the 105 mm (4.13 in) version stopped in March 1945, after a total of 1641 machines. It was devised during the Italy campaign, to give added infantry support firepower with the advantage of a fully traversing turret. In fact, the M7 Priest was one of the most widely used SPGs during this particular campaign. The standard M1919A4 howitzer was modified and compacted for the task. All existing gun aiming and facilities for indirect fire were improved.The armor was slightly thinner than usual, ranging from 63 mm (2.48 in) (glacis sloped at 47 degrees), 38 mm (1.5 in) for the sides and rear and 19 mm (0.75 in) for the top. The mantlet was 91 mm (3.58 in) thick, turret front was 76 mm (3 in), slopes were 51 mm (2 in) and top 25 mm (0.98 in). The engine was the early radial Continental R975-C4, 9-cylinder 4-cycle, air cooled (15,945 cc and 460 hp at 2,400 rpm), giving a range of 161 km (100 mi) and a cruise speed of 38.6 km/h (24 mph) on road.

T34 Vs Tiger Download Full Version 19


I just made a big change for commando tiger, it should work like clockwork, the old version had a problem that caused the game to crash at the bottom of the village. I widely recommend this new version, plus you will use in Tiger assisted by 2 panthers and no more tanks that get stuck in houses ... developers should update for this problem of tanks that do not arrive not around houses. and if not I also advise you to remove commando Panther, I did not update it..and it will crash like the old version of commando Tiger .. 350c69d7ab


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