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Thomas Hall
Thomas Hall

1200x800 Warp Speed Wallpaper">

The introduction to the Orville itself is a pretty straight Trek-style shuttle ride out to the space dock, the crew gazing in wonder as they swoop over the Orville's curves. The swelling music is a straight-up Trek copy as the Orville glides out of the space dock and accelerates to warp speed -- sorry, quantum drive speed. But you watch these faithful homages waiting for a joke. It's kind of like those off-brand "Space Captain" fancy dress outfits you see in shops. They're not different enough to be funny and not fooling anyone either.

1200x800 Warp Speed Wallpaper">

If each "Orville" installment was a brisk 25 minutes, I'd be perfectly happy with Beer Trek. But at 45 minutes an episode, the joke gets stretched thinner than the Enterprise in that special effect when it gets all long and thin before snapping into warp speed.

These and many, many more examples show us the possibilities of technologies in today's world are practically infinite. However, as with most things that seem too good to be true, so it is with warp speed technological advances that are designed and deployed without proper guardrails. 041b061a72


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