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Buy Headset With Microphone EXCLUSIVE

*To redeem your offer, you need to sign up for Bose emails and communications along with creating a My Bose account. The voucher will be sent via email. Offer valid on purchases of $199 USD or more. Other exclusions may apply.

buy headset with microphone

Enjoy a seamless, wireless experience with a headset fine-tuned for 3D Audio on both PS4 and PS5 consoles1. The PULSE 3D wireless headset features a refined design with dual noise-cancelling microphones, USB Type-C charging, and an array of easy-access controls.

Treat yourself to immersive sound when listening to music. Logitech audio engineers have been fine-tuning headset audio for decades, and the results are the high-definition sound quality when you experience your own music with Zone Wireless. For phone chats and conference calls, the noise-canceling mic isolates your voice from the noise around you for clearer conversations and a sidetone control helps you modulate the volume of your voice to just the right level.

Open the Logi Tune mobile app on your smartphone or Tune Desktop on your computer to easily setup, control, and customize your Zone Wireless headset. From the elegantly intuitive dashboard, confidently manage mute, view charging status, modulate sidetone controls, and tweak the 5-band EQ sliders (or choose one of the custom presets). Keep your headset up-to-date by downloading the latest software from either the mobile or desktop app.

In general, the vast majority of Xbox One headsets are compatible with Xbox Series X - there are only very few outliers. That means you'll likely find that Xbox One headsets are easily transferable to your new console if you're lucky enough to grab one. Just to make sure, though, we'd recommend checking with the manufacturer's product information to double check.

Now more than ever this is a particularly pertinent and important question. Just because some headsets offer literally everything doesn't mean they are worth the $300 or something for you. These one might be more aspirational than ever but will always be great for those that can afford such premium sets.

In truth, however, the best Xbox One headsets come in a variety of price points and forms. For example, the best cheap Xbox One headset on our list, the Corsair HS35 is a brilliant value headset given it's price of entry. You could possibly even go a bit cheaper than this but we would recommend using this as a good point that balances quality and value.

You need to think of your own budget when shopping for a new headset and then you can see what ones lie within that, or just beyond. Think about the must-hjave features - multi-platform compatibility, EQ adjustments, detachable microphone, and so on - and you can easily start whittling your options down. Rest assured though, our best Xbox One headset guide should definitely have something for you, no matter your budget.

Given the saturation of the Xbox One headset market, this is a legitimately good question; it really can feel like a mammoth task to try and narrow your search down, or to try and 'guess' at the differences between sets - after all, basically no one ever has all the top sets right in front of them for direct comparisons.

However, our best Xbox One headset list will guide you to top quality headsets. They are all compatible, offer quality audio for their price point, offer both wired and wireless options, and have different feature sets and specs. Teamed with price, these are the exact things to think about when whittling down your options; be methodical, be ruthless at times, and you will find the perfect set for you.

Incorporating one of the best Xbox One headsets in 2023 into your setup is not only an ironclad way to enhance your Xbox One setup - but one that will enhance any Xbox step. And what I mean by that is due to the magic of forward (and backward) compatibility, all of these headsets are perfect for Xbox Series XS too. Therefore bagging one of these beauties will further immerse you in your favorite worlds, stories, and in-game moments - and quite possibly, get yourself an advantage - on either generation of console.

And this means that the best Xbox One headsets are absolutely not on their way out; they are very much here to stay - and some remain as good as the very best gaming headsets. Their staying power comes from their high-quality offerings, forward compatibility with the new consoles, and the fact that the player base for the Xbox One is still enormous with folks enjoying a larger-than-ever game library.

We test a range of headsets and our picks of the best Xbox One headsets always have to conform to a few criteria. The audio quality has to be of a very good standard, even if the connection is just an ordinary 3.5mm audio jack. Then they have to be comfortable enough to leave you ache-free after those longer gaming sessions. We also make sure that the headset's microphone is clear and user-friendly. Beyond those functional categories, of course, the price has to be right. While some headsets may provide excellent sound, the price tags on these can spiral, so value for money is critical.

While that aforementioned compatibility will ensure you can take your Xbox One headset between the two console generations seamlessly, some sets are built with the newer machines in mind. As a result, it's still quite a wise move to keep a close eye on the best Xbox Series X headsets and the lineup of Xbox Series X wireless headsets.

The Steelseries Arctis 9X was very much the Xbox One headset of its moment, and is still the best option for anyone after a headset designed in the era of the previous generation (and therefore sits a little cheaper these days). Specially engineered to work wirelessly with the console, it provides a near-perfect connection, combined with a rich audio experience, and impressive battery life. It's a great package for anyone serious about sound and getting the most out of their Xbox games. While the headset comes with 40mm drivers, which are smaller than many similarly priced competitors, they're well-tuned and deliver audio that punches well above its weight while retaining a nice clarity and richness.

The trademark SteelSeries 'headband' design offers good comfort levels too, meaning you can play for hours without really noticing that you're wearing the headset, which clocks in at a respectable 13oz / 368g. The mic is clear, comes with decent noise-canceling, and is retractable for when you're not using it. While you never completely remove the mic, it's hidden enough for you to use this headset as an everyday pair of cans, connecting to phones and tablets via a Bluetooth connection. That's a real bonus. You can even plug in via the 3.5mm connection if you want to connect to other consoles or devices, although you lose a number of features like 3D Spatial Sound here.

It's a superb all-rounder, but one that plays so very nicely with the Xbox One. If you want to seriously invest in a headset that does everything you need for gaming and beyond, the Steelseries Arctis 9X is well worth a look. It's also compatible with Xbox Series XS which is awesome.

Note: While SteelSeries has released new lines for this generation of console and gaming in the form of the Nova headsets, the 9X still holds up excellently. The new headsets may even drive the price of this one down too which will make it even better.

Sometimes you want a cheaper headset. But just because you're saving money, you shouldn't have to put up with poor audio, terrible design, and lousy build quality. The Corsair HS35 is the headset for anyone looking to save money and still get a decent pair of cans for their Xbox One. This is a thoughtfully designed piece of kit, available in Xbox green, obviously, with a sturdy yet comfortable build and some impressive audio qualities.

Thanks to memory foam ear-cups and a comfy headband, the Corsair HS35 is still snug without being uncomfortable after several hours of play, and it's tough enough to withstand being pulled on and off your head without too much care. The audio won't win awards, but it's on a par with most mid-range headsets, and manages some snappy treble (even if the bass can't match the likes of the Razer Kraken TE). The mic is clear and detachable, and there's a color-coded cable that plugs into any 3.5mm connection making it compatible with XSXS too. Simple, easy, and very affordable.

The official venture into Xbox One headsets from Microsoft comes in the form of the Xbox Wireless Headset. While really targeted at the Xbox Series X and to be a companion to that latest console, it works beautifully with Xbox One.

The first big wallop of excellence comes in the unavoidably good-value price tag: at just $99/89, it is way cheaper than rival headsets that are of the same weight category, quality-wise. And it is quality in almost every way: it's extremely comfortable, it has excellent audio performance with a clear audio soundscape, it features incredibly powerful bass, and the surround sound is solid too. A true highlight is the mic quality: this is tremendous, and it's designed well as it can be tucked away neatly when not in use. The wireless Bluetooth connection is one of the best we've tested on the Xbox Series X too. If you like your accessories officials and maybe find yourself in a situation of getting your new-gen console-setup in order before you find that elusive Xbox Series X stock, then this is the headset to span the generational gap.

The icing on the cake is compatibility with other systems including PC and PlayStation 5; you can literally have it plugged into an Xbox and something else at the same time and switch between the two systems without having to take off the headset.

The Razer Nari Ultimate blew us away with its responsive, immersive haptic feedback when we first got our hands on it in 2020, and it continues to impress today. Back on release, the Nari Ultimate was one of the first Xbox One headsets offering this level of rumble between the ears, with revolutionary L5 haptic drivers working independently to provide not just feedback, but directionally precise feedback. That means you'll feel the impact of far away explosions differently to the sound of your own weapon, with tracking across the left and right cup working to reproduce rumble horizontally as well. 041b061a72


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